Selsey Lifeboat 150 years

[singlepic id=12 w=150 float=right]Amateur Radio special event station GB4SLB will be on the air on the 5th June 2011 to celebrate 150 years service of Selsey Lifeboat by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

This very special occasion has been acknowledged by the Trustee’s of the RNLI with the award of a ‘Vellum’ in recognition of the completion of 150 years service made by the Lifeboat Station and its volunteers to the cause of saving lives at sea.

It was in 1861 that the RNLI decided to establish a Lifeboat Station in Selsey: ‘For the protection of the crews of vessels which get stranded on the Ower’s Bank and the outer shoals in the neighbourhood of Selsey Bill’.

Since 1861 Selsey has had three boathouses and been served by twelve All Weather Lifeboats and six Inshore Lifeboats. During this period there have been 1,871 service calls and 584 lives saved.

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None of this would have been possible without the many hundreds of volunteer crew and supporters who have given unstinting service throughout the Lifeboat Station’s 150 years.

There have been many notable rescues by Selsey Lifeboats and their crews over the years, which have been acknowledged by the RNLI as acts of outstanding gallantry with the award of 4 silver and 3 bronze medals.

Significant developments have occurred over the 150 years of the Lifeboat Station’s existence and these are best exemplified by comparing photographs of an early Selsey Pulling Lifeboat the ‘John and Henry Skynner’ (1885-1896), with progressively improving motorised All Weather Lifeboats: Jane Holland (1922-1929), Canadian Pacific (1938-1969), Charles Henry (1969-1983) and the current Tyne Class Lifeboat ‘Voluntary Worker’ (2006 to date).

Come and visit the Boathouse and see the 150 anniversary photographic display.

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One comment on “Selsey Lifeboat 150 years

  1. Only two weeks to go!!
    Had a problem with the local council, (they had done some thinking!!) with regards to the antenna on the Lifeboat Green, (public open space) where the magnificently restored pulling and sailing Lifeboat, ‘Queen Victoria’ pulled by shire horses will be on display, as in they don’t want it there!!
    But the Selsey team came up with plan ‘B’ they have a secure compound that they have just brought so we will have our station in there, within the confines of the Life Boat Station rather than the green next door.
    We plan to operate on 40m so are there any other RNLI related stations on the air 4th -5th June?

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