New Live Status Monitor launched

During SOS Radio Week 2010 we trialled a revolutionary online application for Amateur Radio operators that showed visitors which stations were operating, on what frequencies, what their future operating plans were and their QSL details. It was a great success, so we’ve launched the online software for all members of the Lifeboat Amateur Radio Society and participant in SOS Radio Week to use free of charge.

Read more about it on our Software page.

One comment on “New Live Status Monitor launched

  1. Grimsby ARS will be qrv with gb2rnli on 80/40/20/2m and 70cms operating ssb/cw and possiblyPSK. If conditions permit will be active on other bands.
    WAB TA30

    During the full sos week G4YHP will be operating GX4GZ on 80/40and 20m SSB FROM io93wn ; WAB TA21

    73 Cliff Jobling G4YHP

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